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Dentists’ Reputation Management

Dentist’s Reputation Management

Did the number of calls coming to your dental office drop?

dentist reputation management

Google yourself or your dental practice.

If you find bad reviews from unhappy patients on Yelp, Google Plus, Rip Off Report and Better Business Bureau (BBB), etc, we can help you.

Some dentists react after finding bad reviews online:

Reputation Management Scenario One:

  • Some dentist will IGNORE it, and they assume no one will care about one or two bad reviews here and there.
  • Contrary to some dentists’ assumptions, people are very cautious when it comes to other people’s opinions and experiences about dentists or dental practices reputation. Patients read the bad reviews about dentists or dental practices before making their decision to use the dental practice for their needs.
  • Like it or not, even the referral patients from other dentists or insurance companies check dentists’ reputation online before deciding to call a dental office.

Reputation Management Scenario Two:

  • Many dentists with bad reviews start asking friends, family, and happy patients to write a mass of positive or favorable reviews.
  • Dentists are looking to balance the bad ones on Yelp, Google Plus, and other reputation websites.
  • Yelp is the most popular reputation and review website. Yelp  will remove the favorable reviews as soon as Yelp robots find them.
  • Why does Yelp remove favorable reviews? This is a puzzling question for many dentists.
  • Is Yelp an evil website? No. Yelp has a sophisticated software to detect the fake reviews.
  • Is Yelp software 100% accurate? No. Yelp makes mistakes too; however, in general, Yelp robots can detect the fake or favorable reviews from actual reviews.

Reputation Management Scenario Three:

Active and Positive Responses to Bad Reviews

  • Read the bad reviews and respond politely. If the patient was right, send them the private message through Yelp and explain the issue for them. If you disagree with the patient review, just respond to the bad review publicly and address the issues.
  • Start asking all your patients to write the authentic reviews about you or your dental practice. If your patients have a good experience with you, eventually your bad reviews will phase out or their numbers will be reduced.

If you do not have time and you do not know how to fix your reputation, we can help you. Please contact us about dental reputation management at (888) 564-4211

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