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Dental Marketing FAQs

dental marketing questions

1) Does Internet dental marketing work for all the dentists?

The short answer is NO, not all dentists are ready for real internet marketing. Dentists like any other profession have different styles to obtain new clients.
There are dentists that are ready to retire and usually they have no interest for any new clients. There are many dental practices that are purely on the health maintenance organization (HMO) platforms and they have no desire or need for any online marketing, since the insurance companies are the major source of new patients to their practice.
There are many dentists running online and offline ads on local coupon magazines like (Groupon and PennySaver) with huge discounts for dental services in hope of farming some new local patients who are looking for a coupon to visit their practices.

No, dental internet marketing is not the solution for all dentists. Dental internet marketing is the right solution for the dentist who are looking to expand their practice with quality patients.

2) What percentage of gross sale should be the dental practice marketing budget?

The answer to this question depends on many factors such as the number of the years a dental practice has been in business, location, and the number of the existing patients. Dental Office Website suggests a 7% to 12% of the gross sale budgeting for a mature and less aggressive dental practice. However for a newer dental practice with a new location in an affluent neighborhood a 12% to 20% of the gross sale will work the best.

3) How does a dental practice assure the dental online marketing is working for them?

Reports, Reports, Reports. A reputable dental internet marketing firm should be providing at least two reports every month that indicates the number of calls to a dental office and the number of the keywords position on search engines.

4) How a dental practice converts new prospect calls to an appointment?

Make sure the person who is answering the phone is well trained to deal with new leads.  He or she also should be fully informed about the dental services the practice offers. The person should also be a good listener and must be willing to offer some suggestions.

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