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Internet Dental Marketing

Dental Office Website can help dentists find more new local patients. We can effectively use local dental internet marketing to promote your dental practice in the local community.

Step One: Build A Custom Dental Website

Why does a dentist need a custom dental website for successful marketing?
dental Internet marketing

A dental website is a window into your practice for new patients to look into.
Dental Office Website (DOW) designs custom dental websites for dentists. We utilize the latest in technology to create cutting edge websites for dentists.
These websites must be attractive enough to capture the person’s attention and informative enough to turn visitors into new patients.

Step Two: Online Dental Marketing

dental Internet marketing
After having a custom-designed and impressive dental website, it is time for online dental marketing.
Dental Office Website (DOW) implements dental online campaigns to maximize exposure for dental practices online. The main goal for a dental website primarily is to generate quality local patients.
Having an impressive website is not going to be effective if it is not visible on the Internet.
Dental Office Website (DOW) offers the following monthly packages for dentists:

Online Dental Marketing Package #1

  • FREE Dental Website
  • Online Dental Marketing (Find keywords, Position Website in Search Engines, Submit website)
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Online Dental Marketing Package #2

  • FREE Dental Website
  • Online Dental Marketing (Find keywords, Position Website in Search Engines, Submit website, link building, Blog posting)
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Online Dental Marketing Package #3

  • FREE Dental Website
  • Online Dental Marketing (Find keywords, Position Website in Search Engines, Submit website, link building, Blog posting, Article submission, Pay Per Click [Google, Yahoo, Bing], Social Media Marketing)
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How dental marketing can enhance your practice?

At Dental Office Website (DOW), we are helping dentists to have more patients in the shortest time by using the internet dental marketing methods. Online marketing is the best advertising method to promote a dental practice and attract new local patients. If you are a new dentist, you will definitely need some form of dentist marketing to attract customers. Even experienced dentists need to advertise to ensure a steady stream of customers.

dental Internet marketing

The traditional way of advertising for dental practices is dying: ads in newspapers, magazines, and the yellow pages; even ads on public radio and TV are not justifying their cost.
These days, however, internet marketing is slowly but surely dominating the marketing approach as more people spend more time online, even to watch TV or to listen to the radio. Essentially, the internet has become the best medium of marketing for dentists.

Dentist marketing has acquired a whole new look via dentist websites. With the multitude of options available on the Internet, how do you make people choose you?

This can be done by getting a customized website designed and developed to promote your practice.
Internet dentist marketing gives people a very positive impression about you as a professional. It implies that you are up to date with modern technology for your dental practice.
Another great way of Internet dentist marketing is getting listed on dental directories. Dental directories contain the profile and the information about the services offered by dentists. These directories have complete information about dentists, as well as their services and skill sets such as dental implants, dentures or cosmetic dentistry.

The “referral system” or commonly known “word of mouth” is another excellent way to promote dental practices.

Dentists can request from existing patients referrals of new clients to their practice, giving discounts in return. This is not only an excellent way to acquire new patients, but also an effective method of retaining existing patients.

Newsletters and updates are other dentist marketing strategies through which dentists can keep in touch with their patients.

Dentist websites should contain interesting and useful articles about dental care and hygiene. The comments from satisfied customers also lure other patients.
The dentist should work with a search engine marketing firm to plan and design (or re-design) a custom website for their practice. The main goal of a dentist website should generate quality patients.

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Dental Office Call Tracking

Call Tracking is the most effective way for a dental practice to measure marketing success. More calls mean more patients. Dental Office Website offers Call tracking services to all dentists. Call tracking allows dentists to be informed about the name of their callers, time of calls, duration of calls, and phone numbers of people called to their practices.
As a dentist knowing the number of calls per month is valuable information to define the percentage of the calls that are converting to new patients.
Contact our team if you have any question about dental office call tracking.

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