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How to Hire a Dental Website Design Team?

Let’s face it, you as a dentist need new patients. Having a website is another tool to get new patients from local communities. If you agree with the above statements, then read the rest.

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Tips You Should Know Before Hiring a Dental Website Design Firm:

  1. Look at the dental website design company portfolio.
  2. Make sure they have expertise in dental website design.
  3. Search their name in Google to find what other dentists are talking about them.
  4. Contact at least three (3) website design firms before choosing one.
  5. Check the company’s or freelancer’s reputation in to see if there are any negative reviews.
  6. Talk to your colleagues and other dentists and ask them who are they working with or recommending.
  7. Try to use a local dental website design firm since they can come to your office and talk to you in person.
  8. Cheapest dental website design firms usually are not the best choice.

Tips about How to Design a Dental Website for Dentists:

  1. Build a dental website for PATIENTS Not YOURSELF!
  2. Build a simple dental website according to website usability rules (Clean, Simple, Please No Music, No Flash)
  3. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words” then “Two Pictures Are worth Two Thousand Words”. Don’t stop there, keep going! An effective dental website must have a photo gallery, before and after images for dental services that dentist offers (the bigger the better)
  4. Have a “unique special offer(s)” every month with a number assigned to it ($500 off or 15% off). A “free consultation” offer is still working, but it is not as effective as a number off for a service.
  5. Make sure you have an appointment page and make sure the appointment form is working. I checked many websites that their appointment forms are not working.

Tips about How to Program a Dental Website for Dentists:

  1. Make sure the new website will be built with Content Management System (CMS) in mind (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Dotnetnuke or any other CMS that you prefer). Why? So you will be able to change and modify the content and images, easy to upgrade, cheaper to host and maintain.
  2. You need to know who owns what: Content, Images, domain, or hosting (make sure you own all of them if you paid for them, read the fine lines in contract.)

Tips You Should Know Before Hiring a Dental Marketing Firm:

  1. You get what you paid for. If you are looking for the cheapest solution provider then usually you will end up with a lack of support and no desirable results.
  2. Google the name of a dental marketing firm to find what other dentists talk about them, also check
  3. Ask them what they did for whom and check their claimed listing in Google.
  4. A solid dental marketing firm will send a questionnaire to dentists to make sure what a dentist is looking for in writing before talking about the price.
  5. Ask them how are they going to generate leads, from where? How many?
  6. Dental Marketing Reports: A reputable dental marketing company should provide four types of reports for dentists:
    • Onsite Report: A detail report about changes and modifications they made on the dentist’s website such as adding a new article, blog posting, new pages, pictures, and/or videos.
    • Offsite Report: A report about all social media channels (Facebook, twitter,) posting, new articles or blogs, adding the current website to a new directory.
    • Keywords Position Search Engine Results Page (SERP): A monthly SERP report about the current keywords or key phrase positions in (Google, Yahoo and Bing).
    • Phone Call logs: A solid dental marketing team will assign a toll-free number to dentist’s website to be able to create call logs. This call log helps dentist and the company to assure that their action generates calls to dental practice.

You should have a clear understanding about what you are getting into before signing a contract with anyone. Many dentists have no clue and no way of knowing about the online marketing and all they are looking at is the price. As a dentist, you should know how much the value is for a new patient in your local community, and have a clear understanding about what the cost of ownership is for a new patient, so you can adjust your marketing budget accordingly.

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