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7 Tips About Online Dental Marketing In 2017

There’s a quote that says, “If you can’t tell anything, you can’t sell anything.” Indeed, that’s what happens in marketing. Let me cite your instance – to keep your dental clinic running successfully, you must have a consistent client base. For that, marketing is the key… Oh! Sorry! Online dental marketing is the key.

online dental marketing 2017

When you are planning for online marketing, remember that 2017 has its new set of challenges for businesses. Hence, experts suggest framing your strategy accordingly to ensure growth in a more effective way.
7 tips about online dental marketing 2017
How about checking out some of the tips that will boost your online presence this new year? Scroll below!

1. Make personalized approach –

True that you can’t write to each patient individually, but you can certainly address them with a personalized approach online. For instance, instead of saying ‘Dear Patient,’ you can talk to them directly using their name. Discuss their problems so that they get the message correctly. Ensure an easy communication.

2. Contests for your clients –
This year, why not arrange a contest? You can do it both online as well as offline. These interesting small events bring people together, engaging them in a fun activity.
Results? More people will get to know about your clinic; you will be ultimately attracting new patients, effectively creating an image of trust in the community.

3. Aim at positive reviews –
As more people are into the web, the majority of them rely on reviews. So, this time, aim to get more reviews…positive, of course. How come? Arrange rewards for the contests (who don’t like getting rewards?).
For example – For the 1st visit to your clinic for dental treatment, offer a gift voucher and discounts. Happy customers will always come forward to thank you, giving their valuable comments.

4. Use the power of social media –
I am sure I don’t need to tell you the impact of social media today. Utilize its power for your business with dental social media marketing. With billions of active users (Facebook has 1.55 billion, Instagram has 400 million, Twitter has 320 million and so on) worldwide, it is the easiest platform to connect with your targeted audience.

5. Videos increase conversion by 800%
Well, this is true. Even Google is giving much priority to videos this time. Upload a video to your website; make sure the content has value in it. You can compile the testimonials and make a video, something that will interest viewers towards your business.
You know, the too-busy world is really not ready to read your long advertisements. So, go for videos that are also easily shareable.

6. Hashtags are not just symbols; they have power
Yes! Learn to use the power of hashtags (#) that make you one among the trend. These symbols actually increase your online presence and search results. This is a very powerful dental social media marketing strategy.

7. Word of mouth with check-ins
Encourage your customers to check in when they visit your clinic for a dental checkup. Ask them to post pictures and share their experience online. This is a timeless approach to spreading word of mouth. Don’t forget to give out rewards.

“Strategy is to turn your patients into your ambassadors.”

How can you do all these?
Well, by hiring professionals like Dental Office Website. Based in California, USA, they are one of the trusted firms offering on online dental marketing to top dentists. Contact Dental Office Website to start receiving new patients to your dental practice.

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